Experience of Infrastructure

We all take for granted the Infrastructure of how we connect. We all used to think of connecting to the cloud as just that Internet ‘line’ that got us from A to B. However, these days the ecosystem is a lot more advanced to enable disparate users in different locations access to the right levels within your organisation’s infrastructure – which of course may also be set out across a variety of suppliers.

What’s important is that it is effective, efficient and uncomplicated to ensure users really can use it.

At Net Support UK, we’ve got the team and capability to build the connections you need – whether that be LAN, WAN infrastructure with security or more bespoke solutions such as MPLS solutions. With one eye on the future, and with a strong interest in IPv6, we offer a range of services and consultancy to ensure your networks are optimised to enable a ‘business anywhere’ strategy.

Our ‘sister’ company Spectrum Internet has gained a strong reputation and stands alongside as a business-focussed Internet Service Provider. For details of the services on offer from Spectrum Internet, please visit www.spectruminternet.com.


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