South Wales Trunk Road Network

Enabling a world-class open access fibre network across the region

In 2020 Net Support UK were awarded a UK first by the Welsh Government to serve as the concessionaire for the South Wales Trunk Road Network. The contract enables us to build a world-class open access full-fibre network across the region.

Concentrating on the South East Wales part of the network initially we will be working with the Welsh Government to get the M48 (Junctions 1, 2 to 23A), M4 (22, 23A to 33) A449, A40 and the A4232 to Culverhouse Cross, network fibre enabled as soon as possible. Our ultimate aim is to provide a sustainable networked fibre solution that runs over the 620km starting at the Severn Bridge in the east, to Haverfordwest in West Wales and up to the Heads of the Valleys.

These main arterial roads (M4, M48, A40, A449, A465, A470 and the A4042) provide an opportunity to connect both urban and rural areas enabling them to be connected to the rest of the digital economy with ultrafast fibre connectivity, better mobile coverage and greater competition in order to put an end to poorly connected communities.

We live and work in an era reliant on the ability to connect to the internet and the speed and reliability of the service can be the difference between success and failure. For the region to develop its success as a Digital leader, it needs fibre Internet connections and full fibre broadband that:

• Help businesses start and grow
• Public sector bodies able to deliver efficient and cost-effective services online,
• For our citizens to live feeling connected and included to both its local network and the rest of the world
• Starts with a fibre backbone that is accessible, affordable and reliable

South Wales Trunk Road: Benefits to Wales

  • The 620km of independent network runs through the major towns and cities in South Wales, passing a population of approximately 1.6 million.
  • The ability to provide a resilient service to data centre customers has been limited in south Wales. The South Wales Trunk Road network not only connects the major towns and cities, but it also interconnects with LINX Wales (formerly Cardiff IX) and the NGD Data Centre in Newport (Europe’s largest Data Centre) and offers capacity only limited by imagination.
  • The South Wales Network helps to bring the next phase of digital infrastructure to the region. For success, the digital economy relies on gigabit speeds, full fibre broadband, and 5G availability with capacity for now, and the future. The Terabit vision for Wales is here.
  • We want to help local authorities champion the digital agenda and make Wales a leader in serving its citizens with a great online experience, and the place to start and grow a business.
  • The South Wales Trunk Road network ticks the boxes when it comes to resilience, capacity, and flexibility. Dark fibre to the door of major Points of Presence (PoPs) in South Wales including LINX Wales, data centres and BT exchanges.

South Wales Trunk Road Network contributing partners

Matt Chilcott South Wales Trunk Road Projects Lead

Matt Chilcott – Projects Development Lead

Matt Chilcott leads on the commercial use of Trunk Roads Open Access Network. If you are a Telecoms Carrier, Mobile Network Operator or Internet Service Provider looking for a new resilient fibre and backhaul services in South Wales get in touch with Matt today.

Contact Matt

07519 070 834

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