Microsoft Future Decoded – Digital Transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution

As a commercial graduate with a foundation knowledge of digital business processes I jumped at the opportunity to explore digital innovations and technology trends at Microsoft Future Decoded (ExCeL Centre London). In a nut shell, throughout the two days, Microsoft continually pushed the cloud (Microsoft Azure) and the edge (mobile and IoT) and it [...]

The Benefits of a hosted VoIP system

The Benefits of a hosted VoIP system As technology continues to advance, it’s affecting the way in which we do business. Installing phone systems in offices was once one of the most expensive tasks to be undertaken when moving premises, not to mention the monthly bills. This burdensome task became a thing of the past with the [...]

Krack Wifi Attack

A significant and critical flaw has been discovered in Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA 2) by a researcher in Belgium. This vulnerability potentially leaves users' devices open to attack when connected to Wi-Fi. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) said today "several key management vulnerabilities in the four way handshake of WPA 2 [...]

Choosing a Digital Transformation Partner

Choosing a Digital Transformation Partner The technologies being used in a business setting have advanced rapidly in recent years. The current wave of technology being deployed in businesses focuses on improved daily operations, with companies improving their efficiency and level of output significantly. However as technologies such as cloud and VoIP become the norm, [...]

Simple steps you need to take to stop robots from taking your job

You know those doomsday reports about how machines are going to put us all out of work? They’re wrong. Make no mistake; those machines are redefining our profession. Artificial intelligence and cognitive learning technologies can crunch the numbers faster and more accurately than we can ever hope to — and they don’t have to stop [...]

Microsoft Inspire Day 3 – You can’t have privacy without security

The third and final day of Microsoft’s Inspire conference brought many sessions about the conflict of privacy and security. Microsoft clearly set out its agenda, highlighting a triad of responsibilities: Microsoft is continuing to stand firm and challenge governments around the protection of legitimate users’ privacy, while also lobbying for a new “Digital Geneva [...]

Key learnings from Microsoft Inspire

Our Operations Director is currently working hard out in Washington D.C., attending Microsoft’s annual Partner conference: Inspire. The first day featured one key announcement – the launch of Microsoft 365. This new suite includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. So, what’s does that mean? The key point to note here is [...]

Not Another Cyber Attack?!

A fast-moving ransomware attack has hit a number of companies in several European countries, the second such widespread ransomware outbreak in as many months. The attack is using a new variant of the Petya ransomware and there are reports of infections in several countries, including Ukraine, India, France, Russia, and Spain. Security researchers said [...]