As I’ve been working for Net Support UK for nearly four years, I’ve got to know the ways of the office. The first thing I noticed was the regular intake of fresh-faced university leavers, especially those who have completed a degree in IT, and are looking to step into the world of IT Support work.

NSUK offers graduates a wide range of roles to take on, including anything from resolving general server problems, to installing remote connections to businesses where traditional fibre connections simply aren’t an option. 

I joined NSUK as a Tier 2 Engineer, working around the Microsoft platform. Having spent nearly 20 years in similar roles, after a few days finding my feet I was well underway. The customers are varied and the work ranges from supporting an already tech savvy customer who only calls us as a last resort, to someone who wants us to act as their in-house IT support. Anything from server support through to desktop support is covered. We get to be so hands on, and are encouraged to push ourselves to find ways to improve.   

One of the best things about working at NSUK is the ability to suggest ideas, have them listened to and even have them progressed. It helps you feel you are contributing to how things are moving forward.  If you see something that we are doing that could be improved, you are encouraged to make the improvement, and most importantly, share with everyone across the business so they can adopt the new way of doing things.

We are always encouraged to progress and increase our skills, including being encouraged to attend multiple Microsoft events throughout the year. 

The office itself has a relaxed feeling, with pleasant surroundings, and a great breakout zone for staff to chill out and play Xbox, or other games, giving people a break from their desks.  

NSUK’s Managing Director, Giles Phelps, has an exciting long-term vision that includes opening multiple sites in numerous cities throughout the UK.  

One of the main things I have noticed while working at NSUK is how much our ethics and values underpin all of our thinking, and are at the forefront of every business decision. One of our core values is ‘People motivation’, and it’s true. We know that the wellbeing and motivation of our staff is one of the most vital components for having a happy and positive environment, which naturally filters through to our clients. 

Regular communication from management is also key. All staff are always being kept up to date about what is going on across the business, and the new and exciting plans that are ahead.  We are kept updated using the latest applications from Microsoft. Not only do we deploy cutting edge technology for our clients, we use it throughout our own organisation every day. To put it simply, if we find a way to work better as a team ourselves using Microsoft products, we share our experiences with our customers.   

So to answer the question “What’s NSUK like to work for?”,  if you enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology, and working with Microsoft’s latest software, then it’s outstanding! 

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