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Boyes Rees Get The Capacity They Need With Office 365

Ranked in the AJ List of top 100 architects, Boyes Rees are one of Wales’ largest architectural practices, who have provided innovative and sustainable design services to the private and public sector for over 50 years.

But being a busy architectural practice, Boyes Rees was struggling with email mailboxes constantly reaching capacity, due to sending and receiving drawing files, and finding it challenging to cope with the increase in data across the business due to inflexible software tools.

To overcome this, Boyes Rees brought in Net Support UK to delp, resulting in an increase to 50GB email storage per user and increasing file send size to allow for easy digital transfer of detailed drawings & plans. In addition, Net Support UK enabled employees to access their files across their own devices resulting in more time working effectively from wherever they were and with whatever device.

Huge increase to 50GB of email storage for every employee

Increasing file upload and send size to allow for easy digital transfer of detailed drawings and plans

Enabling employees to work effectively from wherever they were and with whatever device

The company also wanted to replace its existing servers and give staff a greater set of tools so that they could work more flexibly and cope with the increase in data it was seeing across the business.

The Story

Boyes Rees has been a Net Support UK client for over ten years. In that time its business has evolved and the practice has grown, including opening a London office.

It has always been a forward-thinking company and has regularly taken advice on technologies that would keep it agile. Recently, it looked to Net Support UK to replace its managed server hardware. Working across two sites, there was a need to ensure that staff could work in either location without issue as well as remotely when needed.

The architects had large mailboxes due to sending and receiving drawing files. Whilst ‘good house-keeping’ and an archiving policy was already in place to manage the email data, the speed at which mailboxes were growing meant that additional and costly storage requirements were needing to be considered. Finding a solution that made email storage easier was important.

Over the years of working with Net Support UK, Boyes Rees was able to outsource more of its IT requirements to its trusted IT partner. However, whilst keen to look at cloud-based options, the idea of having to set up another supplier to handle its cloud services prevented Boyes Rees taking the next step. As Net Support UK had become a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, this concern had been alleviated.

Benefits and Results

The practice was keen to explore the benefits of cloud and embrace greater flexibility for the way staff could access work information and communicate.  Working with Net Support UK, a Microsoft Gold Partner, the deployment of Office 365 fitted its needs as staff could continue to work with Microsoft software that was familiar. Data could easily be moved from the old MS Exchange server to the new cloud based system without downtime too – a critical aspect for any business.

Mailbox sizes also became a worry of the past. Office 365 allowed up to 50GB for email storage per user and allowed staff to send larger file sizes too.
Boyes Rees immediately felt the benefit of the upgrade without great investment. The practice could do more yet spend less time, money and effort in doing so.

Office 365 enabled staff to access files across their own devices for the first time – and incredibly easily too without the reliance on the overstretched in-house IT resources to set it up.

The practice quickly noticed that staff could spend more time working effectively from wherever they were and with whatever device they wanted to. Office 365 was quickly and easily incorporated into the business.

In Conclusion

By working with an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner – Net Support UK – moving to Office 365 was straightforward for Boyes Rees. The new system was set up, data was copied to the new service, and staff moved across easily. It really was that simple. Plus, being one of the first UK Cloud Solution Providers, Net Support UK could continue to invoice and support its long term client too.

At Net Support UK we take a blank piece of paper approach towards each organisation’s needs.  We seek to understand what is important to each individual client and then offer our advice against those requirements.

It’s hard to fully quantify all the benefits that Office 365 has brought to Boyes Rees. It just works very well for us – and that’s all that’s important. Net Support UK have done it again!”

Russell Baker, Boyes Rees

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