Project Description is a brand new online channel dedicated to delivering great ice hockey content.

Only established in August 2015, has expanded rapidly as a start-up business with its online audience ever increasing on a weekly basis. At present, has accumulated 1745,000 YouTube views and regularly streams its online channel to an average 350 household/locations worldwide, including Canada, America, Egypt, France and the UK.

Business drivers

As a digitally rich business with lots of data regularly being uploaded onto its website, needed a website server with a large storage solution to support the amount of action packed videos and images being uploaded and an internet connection to allow live streaming and a fast upload speed. Furthermore, also experienced difficulty at peaks times, particularly when ice hockey games were taking place. With a high amount of traffic visiting the website to stream live ice hockey games in various locations worldwide, downtime is unacceptable, especially when customers have paid for a service. therefore needed a product to ensure that this did not happen.’s employees also sought after an application to increase collaboration and communication between team members. This was particularly important for colleagues, volunteers, freelancers and ice hockey clubs across the UK, who do not work from a central office location and needed access to information during the week before an ice hockey game, usually hosted on the weekend.

The Story

IceTime.TV is a recent client who quickly needed the support of Net Support UK and sister company, Spectrum Internet, to deliver a number of combined products and solutions in order to secure the delivery of streaming its ice hockey content. As a startup, is a forward thinking company that is open minded with taking advice on the latest technologies to better its online channel for its customers. Realising the importance to secure the basics initially, looked to Net Support UK for a number of Microsoft products.

Moving to the Cloud was the first step taken by Net Support UK, who decided that the best solution would be to use Microsoft Azure, a service that allows flexible power to increase and decrease storage dependent on content usage and demand. Performed automatically by Azure, this ensures that there is enough power and storage to cope with the amount of traffic visiting and web content being uploaded onto the website on busy match days. However, Azure is also a very cost efficient product which also scales down on non-game days, saving the startup money when the service is not needed.

Net Support UK also recommended that use Office 365 and PowerBi to further its success in online streaming. Equipped with Office 365, is able to share documentation online using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Furthermore, Project is a very useful utensil supplied with Office 365, which will benefit the team with collaborating and sharing key information between the team prior to an ice hockey game. PowerBi has also allowed the team to analyse its data and identify where fans are watching from how they use the service and if they return to watch other games.

Benefits and Results was keen to adopt the recommended services and products from Net Support UK and Spectrum Internet. As a result has seen staggering results, which is reflected in its ever-growing worldwide audience.

Azure was the perfect solution to fit’s needs. Safe with the knowledge that its website storage will flex up and increase during peak times and decrease during times when hardly any traffic visits the website, is equipped to meet the high traffic during busy times whilst also saving money when there are less visits to the website.

Office365 has ensured that staff are able to collaborate and communicate effectively so that they are prepared and up-to-date with plans and schedules when ice hockey games take place. Having the luxury to work on documentation online allows two or more users to edit a document simultaneously. Furthermore, it allows users to work from any location, benefitting staff members who are not office-based. Indeed, this has increased productivity and efficiency levels of the team.

PowerBi has permitted to analyse the pattern of its users. In particular what content viewers particularly liked, what locations they were viewing from and what games were the most popular. This has been highly beneficial in improving its services to give customers an online channel they enjoy most.

Supplied with Azure, PowerBi and Office365, is equipped with the tools to deliver its services well, to a high quality and analyse its performance to better itself in the future.

In conclusion

By working with an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner – Net Support UK – moving to the cloud was straightforward for

A simple, straightforward process which has increased collaboration across the team and ensured that data is secure and storage scalable when needed for the website.

Supported with Microsoft applications from Net Support UK, has grown to an established national brand within months, if not weeks

“Net Support UK and Spectrum Internet have laid the technological foundations for We are now in a fantastic position where we can continue growing at a rapid state and entertain our fans with great content without worrying about downtime.”

Daniel Lewis, Co-Founder of

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