What is Doxing?

Along with ransomware & credential theft, doxing is another of the ways that personal data can be used to coerce individuals, or businesses to take certain actions, to prevent the stolen data being publicly released. The term "dox", also spelt "doxx", and short for 'dropping documents', first came into vogue as a verb around a [...]

Addressing Your CxO’s Top Five Cloud Security Concerns

Customers frequently ask us how they can defend their Office 365 tenancy. While the motivations and capabilities of attackers vary widely, most attacks still follow a common process. The security industry refers to it as the attacker kill chain; a concept borrowed from military doctrine and adapted for this realm. You see: The basic idea [...]

Net Support UK becomes Cyber Essentials Accredited on Safer Internet Day!

Net Support UK had an extra reason to mark Safer Internet Day on 9th February as it received notification that it had become an accredited Cyber Essentials Certified Company. The Cyber Essentials scheme is a cyber security standard, which organisations can be assessed and certified against. It identifies the security controls that an organisation must [...]

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