Five reasons why small businesses should be using Microsoft Office 365

It's hard to imagine, there was actually a time when flexible working didn't exist, and productivity would inevitably slow down as soon as the worker left the office. Customer expectations have meant that businesses have had to evolve. Flexibility has evolved from an option to a requirement. In increasingly saturated markets where commerce no longer [...]

IT security is a threat to UK businesses

The cyber security landscape is evolving. Lone cyber-attacks, organised criminal hacking and state-sponsored cybercrime are all on the rise and are a threat to every organisation with a connection to the internet. These attackers have a more expansive arsenal of digital weaponry than ever before and their main focus of attack is increasingly becoming the [...]

Microsoft WPC: Will HoloLens Be The New Way We Work?

Its not about the tech. Its about celebrating the achievements of what people are doing with our tech. The first Keynote in Toronto was an interesting one, discussing the desire to use tech to change business outcomes by engaging customers, empowering employees, optimising operations and transforming products. But the most engaging and exciting point [...]

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