How to prevent technology from becoming a distraction at work

How to prevent technology from becoming a distraction at work Generally, people use technology in an attempt to aid their productivity. Gadgets and apps are supposed to make things easier, but is all this tech actually taking over our lives and making us less productive? How can we master technology to make sure [...]

Microsoft WPC: Will HoloLens Be The New Way We Work?

Its not about the tech. Its about celebrating the achievements of what people are doing with our tech. The first Keynote in Toronto was an interesting one, discussing the desire to use tech to change business outcomes by engaging customers, empowering employees, optimising operations and transforming products. But the most engaging and exciting point [...]

What is Doxing?

Along with ransomware & credential theft, doxing is another of the ways that personal data can be used to coerce individuals, or businesses to take certain actions, to prevent the stolen data being publicly released. The term "dox", also spelt "doxx", and short for 'dropping documents', first came into vogue as a verb around a [...]

How Is Technology Changing Businesses?

The rate at which technology is developing, mutating and adapting is getting faster and faster every year. In our latest video, we explore many of the ways that technology is changing all the ways we work and do business. Video Transcription Technology is changing so fast that you can't help but [...]

Why It Makes Total Sense For Microsoft To Acquire LinkedIn

Yesterday Microsoft announced it was acquiring LinkedIn for just over $26bn (£18bn). The move, which came a little out of left field and surprised many, is by far the biggest acquisition made by Microsoft. You will remember the software giant paid paid $8.5bn for Skype in 2011 and bought Nokia's mobile phone business for $7.2bn [...]

Women in a STEM job role

Women represent the majority of young university graduates, but are still under-represented in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and computer science (STEM) fields. Worse, women’s progress in breaking into these fields has slowed down in recent decades. Women’s share of computer jobs, which make up half of all STEM employment, has actually fallen since 1990. In [...]

10 Facts About Ransomware You Need To Know

Ransomware is the most sophisticated malware program. It locks out a user’s system, demands ransom, uses FBI’s logo and so on. We have been apprised with these facts till now. But there is much that this malware holds. It would be no exaggeration if we call this malware program a mystery. Wherein, everyday a new [...]

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