It’s true:

Most of us don’t make full use of the complete range of features in Office 365. The Microsoft Office 365 suite provides a feature packed program straight out of the’ box’ and is ample for most users.

But wait there’s more:

With Add-Ins you can make the programs you use every day work even smarter for you, in ways you may not have thought of.

Here are 8 of the must have Office 365 Add-Ins:

DocuSign for Outlook

Screen shot of DocuSign for Microsoft Office 365

DocuSign is a great service for getting documentation electronically signed.

With DocuSign for Outlook, all that’s needed is for the person you’re sending it to, to have an email address and a device to view it on.

Even better:

Having this as part of Outlook makes it so much easier. Just compose your message, attach your document and send. Useful is an understatement.

*Requires subscription.

Boomerang for Outlook

Using Boomerang in Office 365

Boomerang takes so much of the hassle out of day to day communications at the office.

With Boomerang you can schedule a time for an email to be sent, so that it goes at the best time.You can have it re-surface an email to the top of your Inbox if you don’t get a response.

As if that’s not enough:

How many times have you had long email conversations to set a meeting time? Well with Boomerang you can use a single email to schedule meetings, with everyone able to see potential times and select the option that suits.

The list goes on. One to check out.

PayPal for Outlook

PayPal can now be used right within Outlook for Office 365

If you’re a smaller business and you want a quicker way to send money, then you can now do so right within Outlook.

Just open PayPal inside Outlook, choose a contact and send them money using their email address. Easy.

Uber Ride Reminder

Screen shot of Uber Ride Reminder for Office 365

Uber has made it easier for businesses to get around. You don’t even have to get up from your desk to book a ride to where you need to be.

This add-in for Outlook makes sure you never miss your journey, by adding a reminder right into your calendar.

Pexels for Powerpoint

Free professional stock photography for use in PowerPoint with Pexels

How often have you been searching for a great photo for a presentation and nothing you already have will work?

Good news:

Already a great website for free professional stock photos, the Pexels add-in allows you to search and drop great photos into your presentation all without leaving PowerPoint.

Saving you so much time from searching Google for images to use.

Template Phrases for Outlook

Template Phrases for Outlook

How much time do your customer services or sales team spend answering the same questions?

Probably a lot.

With Template Phrases for Outlook they can compose entire personalised emails that can be saved as templates to instantly loaded and sent when they need them.

It gets better:

There are even a set of business ready letter samples and every day phrases to make composing your template even easier.

SurveyMonkey for Word

Template Phrases for Outlook

Do you regularly ask for customer or employee feedback? If so then you will be familiar with SurveyMonkey.

Create incredibly functional surveys, either from scratch, or using their handy question templates. Customise them for your brand and easily analyse the responses you get.

With this ad-in you can create your surveys in Word and seamlessly import them to SurveyMonkey.

MailChimp for Word

Using MailChimp in Microsoft Word

At Net Support UK we love MailChimp. It makes storing multiple mailing lists, sending out great looking email campaigns and checking the stats on how your campaign has done so easy.

With this ad-in, you can create your email campaign right in Word and then just export it to MailChimp to send.

Employees in a meeting at a workplace