Microsoft has launched a new Android wear version of its Outlook mail and calendar mobile app.

This version of Outlook is not just a way to check your emails and schedule on the go. Microsoft has designed this version as a watch face, so it can be permanently on and accessed from your smart watch screen at all times.

“Today, we are introducing the Outlook watch face for Android Wear. With the Outlook watch face, you can quickly see an overview of your day’s schedule along with key details on where you need to be next. Staying on top of your day has never been easier”, says the Outlook team.

Microsoft Outlook watch face for Android wear

© Microsoft

Features include getting a glance at your daily events, seeing email notifications, and interacting with messages as you would on an Android phone from the watch’s default screen.

For the more fashion concious amongst you, you can also change the colour of the watch face and accent colour to, “fit your style for the day”. But, these colours are also handy as they are in harmony with the calendar you add to Outlook.

The watch face also gives us a glimpse into Microsoft’s strategy for its productivity apps.

They have been looking to move their applications beyond the desktop, so with a few key acquisitions last two years, we may now be seeing the further development in how they see the software being used beyond your PC.