The Benefits of a hosted VoIP system

As technology continues to advance, it’s affecting the way in which we do business. Installing phone systems in offices was once one of the most expensive tasks to be undertaken when moving premises, not to mention the monthly bills. This burdensome task became a thing of the past with the introduction of VoIP systems – telephone systems that send voice data via the internet. Businesses are now enjoying many advantages by using VoIP instead of traditional copper telephone lines, for example reduced costs and easier maintenance. But now there’s an even better solution – Hosted VoIP.

Hosted VoIP systems offer even more advantages than traditional VoIP systems. In being hosted, the hardware required for the connection is stored at an external datacentre and managed by the communications provider, lessening the burden on overworked IT departments and significantly reducing capital outlay.

Speed of adoption

Unlike SIP trunk based VoIP solutions, hosted VoIP solutions can be installed quickly and easily. Once installed on the user’s computer, the system is essentially ‘plug and play’, with only the user’s handset to be connected before it’s ready to use.

No bulky kit

A SIP trunk based VoIP system requires a PBX unit to be installed in your server room. This can be bulky and take up valuable space. With a hosted system, the PBX system is hosted in the cloud by the communications provider, and therefore no bulky hardware needs to be installed in your office.


Copper phone lines and scalability did not go hand in hand. In the event of a new starter joining the team, it would be necessary to connect the employee’s handset to the in-house PBX system, which sends the data out of the premises to the telephone network. With hosted VoIP systems, all that’s needed is a quick installation of some software on the user’s computer and a handset being plugged into the internet connection by the user’s desk. A job that takes minutes, not days.

Managed support

When your hosted VoIP system is installed, it’s managed by your communications provider too. This service covers any routine maintenance, where engineers will remotely access your system to perform any updates, and routinely monitor the system for faults. This provides peace of mind that the system will perform at its best.


As your VoIP system delivers data over your business broadband or leased line connection, you’re not relying on the copper telephone system which deteriorates over time and can experience problems in bad weather. With a VoIP system you never need to worry about the phone system failing and costing your business revenue.

Cost effectiveness

With traditional business phone systems, every call incurs a charge, regardless of the distance or duration of the call. With VoIP systems, all UK calls are usually included, and as the data is sent over your existing internet connection, the cost of calls further afield are greatly reduced too.

Remote working

The desktop client for the VoIP system can be used remotely, so if the system is installed on a laptop and the user is out of the office, the client will still notify the user of an incoming call, which the user can answer from their device using a headset. This is perfect for travelling employees or employees working from home. The employee’s internal extension even works when they’re out of the office, so there isn’t another number to worry about remembering.

Hosted VoIP is the future of business telephone solutions as it’s quick to install, easy to maintain and low maintenance for your IT manager. It also doesn’t take up any space in your office and it can scale up or down quickly with your business.