This week Microsoft accounted that its U.K. data centre region is now online and Net Support is already migrating to the UK West data centre…in Cardiff.

The new data centres are an interesting development, and for Cardiff it might be big news, however not necessarily of direct benefit to businesses in Cardiff.

For customers concerned with their data being outside of UK legal Jurisdiction this is an important step – especially to Brad Smith and Microsoft’s robust stance on National Sovereignty when it comes to Cloud services.

Having multiple, geographically diverse data centres within the UK adds to the attraction.

The other European data centres met most if not all legal and practical requirements for the vast majority of customers, but with Brexit on the way and uncertainty over the future picture with regards to data-protection legislation, this gives Microsoft the ability to react to the evolving situation while maintain the existing high levels of compliance.

With regards to performance – there are no significant benefits, with regards to pricing (for Azure) these UK data centres are coming at a premium in relation to other European centres.

The other issues are how existing customers can take advantage. For Azure, where services are available from UK (and not all are) they can be relocated, but for Office 365 your data centre region is set by your billing address at tenant creation and can’t be changed.

We will be looking to Microsoft for news on how they can assist customers who would want to relocate their service to the UK.

Whether you are already a Net Support customer or you are interested in using the Cardiff Microsoft platform? Contact us on 029 200 22 300 or email us today.

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