Building a digital transformation business case

So, you’re looking to proceed with a digital transformation project at your business, but not sure where to start? First things first. You need to achieve buy in from the organisation itself, from the key stakeholders who you will need on side to authorise budgets, and give the project their backing. Writing a digital transformation business case can seem daunting, especially if you haven’t written one before, or if your business doesn’t normally require one. However, rather than being a burden, you should try to see it as an opportunity. It gives you the chance to think about all the detail around the project, at an early stage. The more detailed the preparation at this stage, the more likelihood of success later on.

Here are some key factors to consider when writing a business case for digital transformation, to help achieve success in your project:

Know your objectives

Get to know the objectives of your business. When presenting your business case for digital transformation, your plans will need to be closely aligned with the overall business objectives. The closer the alignment, the more chance you have of getting buy in from the business’s stakeholders. The business may be looking to improve customer service, data security or employee productivity, all of which can be supported with digital transformation.

Do your research

First rule of planning is “be prepared”. When trying to influence the decisions of one or a group of people, you need to be sure that you have dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. If you don’t, and you make a mistake or omit some key information, you may well lose your audience right away.

Adapt your message for your audience

There’s no point speaking to business owners and finance bods about user experience, productivity or customer satisfaction, without talking about how that impacts on the bottom line. They won’t be able to buy into the project unless they can clearly assess the return on investment. To do that you need to talk in their language. Get to know your audience, what they’re interested in and what their objectives are. You will need to adapt your message to match if you are to influence their decision.

Change management

When you achieve management buy in, it’s crucial that you factor in how you plan to handle the human element of a transformation project. How will you ensure that users will adopt new technology? What training will be involved? Any significant change to business processes and tools is bound to cause some disruption. Just because the technology “works” it doesn’t mean the project has been a success. Identify the impact of such changes early one, working out how to mitigate any negative impact, and what resources you might need.

Don’t go it alone

Speak to your IT provider for help. They will be able to provide you with case studies of successful projects, to give your business case authority and context. They’ve likely been through countless similar projects, and will have invaluable advice to help ensure your journey is a success. And that’s what it is. A journey. It’s vital you take a long term approach to digital transformation, and that it’s woven throughout your organisation’s mission and long term strategy.

Net Support UK can help you map out that vision with a no obligation Envisioning Workshop to work with you in preparing your digital transformation project plan, as well as support you in writing the business case.

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