At Net Support UK we are persistent with keeping up to date with the latest innovative technology – no matter how big or small!

Due to it being summer, the tech team have decided to have some fun in the office by researching some of their favourite cutting-edge devices that have emerged onto the market in 2015, or are due to make an appearance in the near future. So, here is a list of the top eight gadgets that we have found and feel we need to share with you this month:

1)     Nokia is back with a virtual reality (VR) camera – OZO – a ball that contains eight cameras and microphones that allows users to film in 360 degrees. The camera captures video in 3D and also allows users to see the rendering of a video in real-time. VR headsets are scarce, so Nokia have found that gap in the market to return as an innovative technology company!




2) Keen on swimming but find it hard to record your progress? Garmin have created a new heart rate monitor just for swimmers.  With two chest bands, the HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri, triathletes and swimmers can store up to 20 hours of heart rate data. They also lie close to the body to reduce drag, allowing statistics to remain true to your performance!


Garmin swimmer


3) SkyLock is an innovative bike lock that uses your smartphone as a key! Installed with an accelerometer, SkyLock will not only notify you when your bike is being tempered with, but can also detect when you have an accident and will let a friend or family member know. Not yet released for mass consumer market, your only option at the moment is to pre-order this exciting product. Take a look at the video:

4) Preventative measures are now being taken by technology – June is a smart bracelet that gages how long you’ve been exposed to the sun. Developed to measure your skin’s UV exposure, the June UV sensor provides you with critical data of when you need to apply protection. It comes with a free app, lifetime support and no subscription fee which is compatible with the iPhone and is also available in different colours!UK200015154_NETATMO

5) Want to own a crash resistant, motorised paper plane? The PowerUp 3.0 plane can be navigated through tilt gestures and can be flown 180-feet away from the user’s mobile device.  All you need to control this device is a mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android phones. Indeed, as the saying goes – great things come in small packages!30c764f5d4f1b34a21dad0ce7a874fd3bd744c22_main_hero_image1

6) CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that Microsoft’s augmented reality experience HoloLens will be available to developers “within the next year.”  The head-mounted computer will use holographic technology to present the user with reality imagery, which can be interacted through gaze, voice and hand gestures. Aimed towards developers and enterprises as a prototype edition, the HoloLens will be expected to be used in gaming as one area of application!



7) Lexus is done teasing the future, the Lexus Hoverboard lives and it looks amazing! Making use of magnetic levitation technology and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors kept at -197°c, the board is able to travel against land, water and, of course, air and has been put through its paces by pro-skater Ross McGouran in Lexus’ own hoverpark. Sadly, the board is only a prototype device with no plans for commercial release and can only defy gravity for 15 minutes at a time. Take a look at the board in action:



8) Did you know that doors can now be unlocked through the swipe of your Apple watch? With a dedicated app that is able to record who passes through the door and notifies your wrist whenever somebody locks or unlocks the door, your security will be tough to beat! Sadly, setting up this device isn’t as simple as it sounds. You will need to own an August Smart Lock (which is only compatible with Single-Cylinder deadbolt door) in order for it to work – hopefully this technology will be made more accessible to home users in the future!