“Do you want to know why we chose Office 365? It’s because of Microsoft,” Facebook CIO Tim Campos said in a video. “Microsoft got cool again.”

This is a big customer win for Microsoft because tech companies are often the core domain of Google’s productivity suite.

The news comes as Google has been pushing harder to try and pick up enterprise customers from Microsoft with offers aimed at getting them way from long-term contracts with the company.

Office 365 met the company’s needs for an office suite that is cross-platform, mobile, and secure, Campos said during a presentation at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

Campos told people, at the World Partner Conference 2016, that they want to build the most productive workforce in the world, “Collaboration tools are the most important in the company. It’s critical information is up to date and is easy to access, Office 365 can meet the modern demands of different devices and Office 365 gives Facebook confidence”.

According to Campos, Facebook will tap into certain aspects of Office 365, primarily utilising web-based versions, without access to Yammer, Microsoft’s rival workplace social network.

“It enables our productivity with powerful new capabilities for employees, such as the ability to share and edit traditional Excel documents at the same time, across devices,” he explained.

“Office 365 also brings capabilities beyond Word, Excel and PowerPoint that are hard to replicate. “Delve, using the Microsoft Graph, brings a new level of intelligence to collaboration by offering additional insights on how our employees work with each other.”

Campos said Microsoft’s personal analytics offering, coupled with other features such as Focused Inbox, will help create “greater effectiveness” at work for employees.

Facebook staff have said that Microsoft has got its MOJO back and they add great features – They bought Office 365 because it is not what it does today, it is what it does tomorrow!

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella with GE CEO Jeff Immelt at Microsoft WPC