Have you ever thought about the security of your data and who is responsible for safeguarding it once uploaded to the cloud?

The majority of us don’t think about this vital topic and, unfortunately, are forced to do so after the repercussion of a data leak. Indeed, this is usually thought of when the damage has already been done – definitely a big learning curve for any business or customer who is a victim of fraud.

It’s important to understand that when you put your data in the cloud, you are trusting another body to be its guardian! Trust and a strong relationship with your IT support provider is therefore fundamental to the security of your data.

Today we are instilling more and more trust in the cloud; now even our documents from the bank, ID scans and confidential business papers find their new residence on the cloud. But can you be sure your information is safe and secure out there?

So, our piece of advice for this week is to understand where your data is stored and question whether you trust that it is safeguarded from attack – simply finding out this information could save your business’ reputation and livelihood.