Your LinkedIn profile is effectively your online CV. It is a great channel for personal branding and can help you build a powerful presence on the most popular professional social network with over 300 million professionals.  Getting noticed in 300M+ people can be difficult, but you can optimise your profile to make sure you are.

Here’s how you can create a killer LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed:

1. Your Picture Matters

Your LinkedIn profile is more important than you think. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where your photo has an intention to acquire as many likes as possible. LinkedIn needs to be simple, professional, appropriate and current.

2. Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

Make sure that every section of your profile has been completed and that there are no empty spaces or obvious gaps. Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, so treat it with the same level of seriousness you would your normal resume. Go for that ‘All Star’ profile strength rating.

3. Keep It Current & Up To Date

Now this is your time to shine. Employers tend to look at the past two years of work experience and what you have been doing since. When adding previous and current jobs, make sure you add only what is relevant. Remember, if it’s up to date, your profile will be easier to find when employers are looking to hire.

4. Add Links

LinkedIn is a fantastic self-publicising and publishing platform. If you are a blogger or a freelancer, LinkedIn allows you to add links and examples of your work. Having examples of your work Is fundamental when applying for any role and will open a door of opportunity if you are found through a simple Google search.

5. Create Your Own URL

LinkedIn allows you to create your own URL for your LinkedIn page. So you can get Not only does this means that it’s easier to remember than that long string of numbers you get by default, it also makes it easier for people to find you.

6. Follow Your Dream Companies

Nothing screams passion more than following your dream companies. LinkedIn is a hub for professional stalking and it is there to be taken advantage of. LinkedIn offers information on companies of your choice; as to how many employees they have, what niche they specialise in and how many connections they have.

7. Handpick The Right Skills

What is so brilliant about LinkedIn is that a previous employer, friend or acquaintance whom you have worked with can endorse your skills and leave a public reference. Endorsing skills and adding the correct skillset, your reader can be reassured that your profile is trustworthy and accurate.

8. Rearrange Your Profile

LinkedIn lets you rearrange the sections on your profile. You can use this to showcase what you want people to see. Won loads of awards, then move that above some of the other sections so people see it first. When your in the edit mode just hover over the title of each section and you’ll be able to drag it to the position you wish.

9. Time To Connect

A good starting point when setting up your LinkedIn profile is to connect with family, friends and colleagues past and present. It is an unwritten rule that the minimum number of contacts needed for a truly successful profile is 50. However, if you don’t have 50 then don’t panic as it just means the more you edit and publish the more likely your profile will show up in sidebars.

10. Use LinkedIn Publishing

The LinkedIn publishing platform enables you to write about whatever topic you wish. Think of it like your blog, but on LinkedIn. Publishing your own content is great as it makes you more visible and for professional content there is no other place that can get you to the right audience.


Tick these off and your LinkedIn profile should be on it’s way to the ‘All Star’ profile strength. However, you shouldn’t just rest once these are done. Keep posting great content, use LinkedIn publishing consistently and keep making new connections.