Microsoft Azure. When all is said and done, the real role of any technology is to facilitate the improvement of something else, in this case, the business. While many companies have adopted a cloud based model, we happen to think there are ten really great benefits that businesses experience if they embrace Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is more than a a pure increase in numbers, but quantifiable services including analytics, computing, databases, mobile apps, networking, storage and websites. With this in your competitor’s hands, they have real means to outpace and out-muscle you.

So, what are they getting that you’re not?

Azure is fast

Azure’s speed of deployment, speed of operation, scalability and functionality simply can’t be matched by on-premises or even other cloud providers.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is agile

Businesses using Azure can develop, test, feedback and retry when developing their applications. This means that they can explore new avenues and new technologies.

More importantly they have the ability try features and decide if it’s not for them, without expensive outlay or setting up complex infrastructure. With innovation being essential to all business, this has a huge impact.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has a wide Global reach

Businesses using Azure can have their services running in datacentres globally, with great ease. This gives them the power to modify the global footprint of their application dynamically as performance and utilisation changes.

From a user’s perspective, they are always getting a great experience and aren’t dependant on location.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has a fully integrated development environment

They have Visual Studio – the world’s leading development environment and the tools to build Azure solutions are baked straight in.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has a fully integrated delivery pipeline

They have Source control, unit testing, integration testing, delivery and go live tools – all the tools are available under one umbrella. This avoids problems that occur when you try and mesh together a group of products.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has automated tools for fallover and disaster recovery

They have In-built fail over and disaster recovery capability.

They have regional and global fail over options, Hot and Cold Standby models as well as rolling reboot capabilities that work out of the box. These capabilities put them far beyond the, plain-old storage option.

Microsoft Azure

Azure has the ability to flex expenditure to achieve business benefit

They can spend more to get more; if they want it done faster or with more volume, they can use Azure to put more resources to work.

This means that no matter whether it be seasonality, or whatever change in need, there is no restructure of infrastructure needed.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is secure

They can provide secure and seamless logon for their users – business to business or for individuals. Their customers can use familiar accounts such as Facebook, or LinkedIn to login to services. Not storing user credentials means they’re less likely to be hacked.

We understand that passwords are an ever problematic issue for organisation, especially to users with high data privileges. Azure Single Sign-on helps eliminate a great deal of that.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is compliant

They can rely on Microsoft having done the heavy lifting when it comes to Compliance – and with the finance industry coming under more pressure than ever before, this will enable great resource reallocation.

Microsoft Azure

Azure can be deployed anywhere

With Azure Stack you can use your data centre as if it’s Azure. You can use a single model to deploy on-premises and to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure