The third and final day of Microsoft’s Inspire conference brought many sessions about the conflict of privacy and security.

Microsoft clearly set out its agenda, highlighting a triad of responsibilities:

  1. Microsoft is continuing to stand firm and challenge governments around the protection of legitimate users’ privacy, while also lobbying for a new “Digital Geneva Convention”.
  2. A key quote from day 3 is “You can’t defeat the threats of the present with the tools of the past”, which places a level of responsibility on IT teams and users to protect themselves. As shown in the recent global WannaCry ransomware attack, while updated operating systems and software are made available, IT and their users must take the opportunity to install updates, as well as upgrading to modern tools.
  3. Finally, Microsoft reaffirmed its own responsibility as the guardian of massive amounts of data. For example, the Intelligent Security Graph captures and analyses over 400 billion emails per month, which the tech giant uses to inform security strategy and defence, feeding such intelligence into the Threat Detection Centre, remediation and incident response, and an aggressive legal approach.

Microsoft’s first “Inspire” conference (formerly the Worldwide Partner Conference) has certainly did what it said on the tin. Delegates were inspired by fascinating technology use cases, giving us a glimpse of what could be achieved in the future.

Now is a time to digest and regroup, before getting on and using what we’ve learnt to develop the best cloud IT for our customers.