The new Office 365 Project Time Reporter is a mobile time management solution for businesses that need to track work time across set tasks.

In larger organisations, timesheets are often a necessary tool to help track progress against project tasks, while also providing important information about how much projects are costing and tracking how the project budget is being spent.

As technology has changed, electronic timesheets have evolved from simple spreadsheets to highly sophisticated, fully integrated web based project management solutions.

Since its launch in 1984 Microsoft Project has been the popular choice for project managements teams and individuals.

You see:

Traditionally, it has been deployed as a desktop application but has been made available as a cloud service via Office 365 as ‘Project Online’ since 2013.

In this latest evolution, Microsoft is pushing its online project solution to mobile – on iOS.

Office 365 Project Time Reporter on an iPhone

What does this mean for you?

With the Office 365 Project Time Reporter on your iPhone, you can keep track of your current or upcoming tasks in the Tasks view, filter and sort tasks to find the right ones, and submit status update.

In addition, you can add new assignments or non-project work to your timesheet or create new personal tasks in the Timesheet view.

What’s more:

As an added convenience, the new app makes tracking time across selected periods easier as Timesheets can be saved. Allowing you to return later and send in for approval.

While the Office 365 Project Time Reporter app has only been released for iOS currently, Microsoft has mentioned that “Android and Windows Phone versions of the app will also be coming to the Google Play Store and Windows Store soon.”

Want to learn more?

Read “Getting started with Office 365 Project Time Reporter” for more information.