If you are using video to support your businesses culture, share ideas and provide training for your team then Microsoft Stream gives you a home for all you content.

Create a secure, encrypted video site with no ads and no unrelated videos to distract people—and no headaches for your IT department.

Stream lets you effortlessly organise your company videos into custom channels to deliver fast access to HR materials, product information, and more. Plus your teams can view them from anywhere, on any device.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft already offered a business video service in the form of Office 365 Video. Microsoft Stream builds upon the learning success of Office 365 Video and over time the two experiences will converge with a seamless migration to ensure a consistent experience both within and outside of Office 365.

What’s even more important for enterprises and their IT admins, though, is that Stream treats videos like every other enterprise document.

Videos in Microsoft Stream are just like any other digital artifact and IT teams can assign rights to videos, set access groups, remove access, and ensure that your business videos aren’t shared outside of the company.

Developers will also be able to take the Microsoft Stream API and build new applications on top of it. In this first stage, this mostly means they will be able to embed videos, but over time, the team will likely add more features.

Unlock the potential of video in your business

Anyone can upload

Upload a video or create a custom channel—drag-and-drop uploading makes it easy to start. Adding the video to a channel or including hashtags in the description will help other users find it fast.

Everyone’s engaged

Build your corporate community with every like, hashtag, and share—people are more likely to leave a “like” or comment online than speak up at a large in-person meeting.

Everything is organised

Get your viewers to the videos they want quickly with themed channels and smart searches using keywords, hashtags, or coworker names. The audio content of each video is indexed for more complete search results.

It’s private and secure

Manage access to your videos down to the individual viewer level. Privacy levels can be set so the whole company can see your video, or just your department— and they can be changed at any time.