Report 2 from Kevin Herbert

Yesterdays keynote was interesting – not just for the difference in tone in the absences of Kevin Turner. It was really useful to get a clear idea about what MS is focusing on for their sales cycle this year. This gives a good insight into what MS strategy is.

I got some useful insight on some of the new security features in Office 365 and Azure that we are already trialling, and the road map to improve these features. It was also useful to get an understanding of how MS are applying big data analytics to security. 

Another useful session on the current Delve Analytics tools was fascinating, with some case studies showing how companies are using this tech to help drive efficiency and effectiveness of employees as well as drive better work life balance. And looking forward to the the new team implementations of his and broader work-place / organisational analytics. I can see whole new careers developing around this product set!

I also took some time to talk to a wide range of software developers and solution innovators, looking at some of the ways they are extending and building on Office 365 and Azure to create new products that we can bring to our customers. 

Today is all about the UK keynote – focusing on our partnership with the UK team .