With the ever increasing data capacity needed by businesses and an explosion of cloud apps and services, IT challenges that were once only keeping big companies awake at night, are increasingly effecting mid to small businesses.

Many are now being confronted for the first time by issues relating to data security, managing the adoption of emerging technologies and IT governance.

It’s also not enough to simply invest in these new technologies and process. Companies are now having to extend their HR and training requirements.

They need people with the expertise to manage the new systems and train teams to deploy and manage the solutions. Bridging the gaps between new products and existing systems. They also need to train current employees who are using these new technologies every day in their work.

Couple that with the increase in demand for greater flexibility in the way we are working, IT teams are now having to manage expectations of increased mobile device usage, security and connections.

All in, these challenges can be a headache.

2016 Top Mid-Market IT Challenges

Check out the infographic below, from Techaisle, that illustrates the top IT business issues, priorities & challenges facing businesses this year.

IT Challenges facing mid-market firms in 2016 infographic
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