Need to collect your thoughts, do web research, record a meeting, insert drawings, tables, images or more?

OneNote is your tool.

OneNote is the most versatile tool in Office 365. Literally your digital notebook, OneNote is a great way to create and organise your notes, ideas and plans, and make it easy to share these with your team.

In this Quick Tips episode we explore 5 OneNote tips for business users.

Video Transcription

If you have Office 365, one of the tools you might find really useful is OneNote. Whether you are planning a meeting, creating documents you need to share instantly with colleagues, or grabbing things quickly to put in a project, OneNote is super useful.

So in this episode of Quick Tips we’re going to look at 5 ways you can use OneNote to help you get things done.

Your Digital Notebook

Think of OneNote like your digital notebook. It will help you get a tonne of stuff done by using folders, sections and subsections like you would use a physical notebook.

Instead of printing out that email or webpage, simply click print and hit ‘send to OneNote’ to drop it into the folder you want.

Share All Your Ideas In One Place

If you put your OneNote notebook in a place where it can be accessed by the people who need it and set it to ‘share’, as simple as that, you have an online whiteboard.

Use OneNote to manage projects among many people, or simply as a place to throw ideas around. If there is sensitive material, you can password-protect some, or all of the notebook so only certain people can see it.

Capture & Share Meeting Notes Easily

If you take your laptop into meetings, then OneNote can help you capture the important stuff, by using the tagging feature to flag important tasks, or questions as they come up.

Then if you have a shared notebook, you can share your notes instantly with everyone else who attended.

Sync From Your Mobile

One way to capture a note anytime, anywhere is to quickly use the OneNote mobile app. You can sync it across to your computer using SkyDrive.

The combination of your phone and OneNote is great for capturing and archiving all those receipts and business cards you seem to always somehow misplace.

Sketch Out Your Ideas & Plans

A diary or notepad is usually a mass of doodles and scribbles, with a few sketches on the sides. OneNote, being a digital equivalent, gives you the Draw tab on the ribbon, with a number of drawing tools for scribbling your ideas on the screen.

Draw them, colour them, flesh them out.

These five OneNote tips don’t even begin to cover the amazing range of features OneNote gives you.

More often than not, OneNote is one of the less used applications in Office 365. But hopefully these tips might just convince you to make further use of its capabilities.

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