As a business owner, what keeps you awake at night? The finances? Staff issues?

If you think about it, productivity is the underlying issue. Staff aren’t performing well enough to gain the revenues you need or the profits you’re expecting.

At one of today’s #WPC16 sessions, I’ve been finding out about the 4 pillars of tech for reinventing productivity.


Collaborative working is not a new concept but is currently on-trend for resolving many business pains. From inter-departmental sharing of ideas or project teams to joint ventures and closer supply-chain relationships, collaborating is bringing about innovation and change by enabling faster routes to market by gaining the most out of the resources to hand. However, at the centre of collaboration is people. In fact, it doesn’t work without the people and without those willing to work in a different way keen to open up to new concepts.

Sometimes the stumbling block isn’t the people but the tools they have to collaborate. What’s required is a central resource where all members can gain access when required for the information that matters to them. It also needs to be somewhere that aids communication.


Mobility is not about ‘working from home or remotely.’ It’s about the ability to be genuinely as productive in every place as it is in a specific place, like your desk at the office.

To enable true mobility you need to have access to all information at any time – on the go and in real-time. You need to be able to update and share with your collaborative colleagues as though you’re sat at the next desk.


Data is key in today’s market and can be used as a great sales tool when orchestrated well. The buzz words of ‘Big Data’ isn’t just for large corporations and in fact, SME’s can gain true competitive advantage with the ability to use and analyse business information.


Perhaps this should be the first pillar to improving productivity. People want to share content easily and have confidence in the solutions they use. That way they’ll do it more often.


We need to empower the end user to trust the tech but that means that as a business owner, you need to have full confidence in it too.

So whether you need to get your business back on track or just looking to keep it going in the right direction, investing in productivity tools is worth your time. However, it might be that you already have these tools to hand. Office 365 gives you simple and secure login to a central cloud-based location for your office applications that give you insights on productivity.