Cybercrime is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses today and it’s something a lot of businesses are not prepared to handle. No amount of investment or training in technology, it seems, can prevent a cyber attack.

Technology, of course, is hugely important in helping organisations combat and respond to threats, but that on its own is not a good enough defense barrier…and can sometimes be the reason the threat has come about in the first place.

So, what is a Cyber-attack?

A cyber-attack can be any type of offensive act toward computer information systems, infrastructures and computer networks – attacks can be made against a personal, or business system. The source of the attack (often known as the hacker) may try to steal, alter or destroy the targeted infrastructure.

Over the years, cyber-attacks have become more sophisticated and dangerous, providing hackers the opportunity to make money via your potentially penetrable system. It is your duty to one-up cybercriminals with an educated approach to your IT security.

Why are we being attacked?

The harsh reality is that most businesses are underprepared in the way of cyber defences, which is associated with the limited importance we often place on protecting our online data and activity.

The lack of skilled cyber security professionals is another major factor to our current negligent defences. A recent report by ISACA showed that 85% of participants believe that there is a shortage in cyber security in the workforce.

So, now more than ever we should be proactive when it comes to IT security. Equipping ourselves with the appropriate awareness of tools that are available, and understanding ‘cyber safe’ practices we can implement ourselves will change the current relaxed IT security culture. Don’t let your business suffer before you take action on you internet security.

Here are a few ‘cyber safe’ practices YOU can implement today:

Vigorous Email Filters:

Most, if not all, email services give you the option to create filters and a specific criteria- so that you can enter in the safe addresses that you want to receive emails from. It’s easy, just login into your email account and explore!

Complex Passwords

Lock up all your valuable data with strong passwords which include a combination of uppercase, lowercase and number characters. Use a different password for different programs, that way if a hacker got a hold of one password then other programs would be safeguarded.

Keep your employees educated:

Inform employees about any potential threats via brief emails or at staff meetings in order to ensure everyone is aware of the importance of cyber security.

While training the masses is essential, mutual understanding and partnership between these three groups is the most critical component to any successful cyber security programme.

Enforce policies:

Create and enforce policies in your business and within our IT set up. For example, within Office 365 E5 license you can select policies to help you control the data within your business.

IT security threat image with vector tech devices Cyber attack