The cyber security landscape is evolving.

Lone cyber-attacks, organised criminal hacking and state-sponsored cybercrime are all on the rise and are a threat to every organisation with a connection to the internet.

These attackers have a more expansive arsenal of digital weaponry than ever before and their main focus of attack is increasingly becoming the businesses sector.

The cyber-security industry needs a pool of trained professionals it can draw upon to help defend businesses against this very real and immediate threat.

However, the UK’s IT security skills gap is affecting the industry’s ability to build the workforce of defenders it so urgently needs.

The effect this is having on the business sector is reflected in the Government’s research into cyber security. Over the past year, two-thirds of big businesses have been the victim of a cyber-attack.

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The cost of some of these breaches reached millions. However, it’s not just large enterprises that need to be concerned. Attackers are increasingly turning their attention to smaller firms.

According to statistics released by internet security firm Symantec, 43%of the global attacks logged during 2015 were against small companies – a figure that has been rising steadily over the past four years.

There are a number of contributing factors to why businesses, both large and small, have become the prime target of cyber-criminals.

Whilst companies are starting to see the benefits of cyber security, too many still have poor processes in place to effectively secure themselves from internal breaches or external attacks.

What is more, companies now hold more critical information than ever before, storing a wealth of customer and employee data.

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Valuable information protected by weak security is an opportunity most cyber attackers won’t, and don’t, pass up.

However, implementing business-wide cyber security processes can be a costly process that requires both knowledge and experience to carry out effectively. The cyber security industry has a drought of trained professionals who can do this.

Unlike many other sectors, there is no streamlined route into cyber-security from education to industry. This means the flow of talented individuals required year on year is virtually non-existent.

Net Support UK is Cyber Essential, this means that we identify the security controls that an organisation must have in place within their IT systems in order to have confidence that they are addressing cyber security effectively and mitigating the risk from Internet-based threats. Any business can go through this as it demonstrates to customers you take at least the basic steps to secure your database. We can help businesses achieve it.

There is also ISO21001 that is a more robust system that you may be interested in.
Luckily there are companies, like Net Support UK who have trained professionals in the company who can help and guide you. With consultations and software at hand to keep your business safe.

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