One of the benefits of Office 365 is that you can share files externally from your organisation as well as those within your firm’s perimeters. In light of the recent information highlighted about and some users unintentionally sharing personal information, here’s a quick guide to your privacy settings on Office 365.

Firstly, if you are the account administrator for Office 365, there are certain policies that you may be able to enforce globally. For example, if you have the E5 licence then you can set legal hold policies and data loss prevention for emails.

Also every administrator can access the SharePoint Admin Center portal. Here, you can control and change how sharing content with people outside the organisation works. For example, you may allow it but restrict the number of days they have access for.

However, don’t forget each user has the ability to protect each document that they create, store and share. You’ll see on the drop down below that can password protect and restrict access to what other users can do with that document.

Microsoft has already taken steps to remove data that was publicly visible on and is also attempting to remove cached files on search engines.

Should you have any concerns, contact your Microsoft partner for more information.