The rate at which technology is developing, mutating and adapting is getting faster and faster every year.

In our latest video, we explore many of the ways that technology is changing all the ways we work and do business.

Video Transcription

Technology is changing so fast that you can’t help but be swept away in a tidal wave of progress – whether you’re ready for it or not.

Technology has literally changed every aspect of the way businesses operate, and never before has that change happened so fast.

Here are some of the ways that technology is changing businesses.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows businesses, large, medium and small to move some of their operation to third-party servers, accessible via internet connectivity.

Not only does this allow for variable data packages, but also for rapid expansion and mobility, without the fear of downtime, crashes, or permanently lost data.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility is “The Next Big Thing”. So much so that Google has re-vamped its search algorithm to place mobile friendly websites higher in its search rankings.

Connectivity Is Now Even Easier

Technology has also increased the ease with which we can all stay in touch.

Whether it’s having your co-workers and employees available via text/video chat at a moments notice, or being able to send targeted promotional email to customers. The rise of mobile technology has blended almost perfectly with communication software, to create a hyper-real web of real time information.

Decreased Downtime

The rise of technology does have downsides. It seems like there isn’t any downtime for individuals top recuperate anymore.

We always have access to email, texts, or ‘work’ via laptop or tablet. And while your intention may be to get away from things for a while, it’s more likely than not that you’ll succumb to the temptation of ‘checking in’ at least once.

Social Impact

You can’t afford to operate your business as if it exists in a vacuum any longer.

The rise of social networking has shrunk the connected world and now your customers can connect with you at any time, any where.

In the past, businesses may have been able to hide behind good PR campaigns, but now ratings sites and social media have made that nearly impossible.

You need to use technology to engage your customers. Promoting the good and putting things right, when things don’t go so well.

Technology Is A Wave

More and more businesses that fail to adapt are going to find themselves left behind, while the savvy ones that learn to keep up , will reap the rewards.

You don’t have to rebuild your business from the ground up to accommodate new technologies. You just have to understand how technology affects your business and how to use this technology to your advantage.