Wales lagging behind in Basic Digital Skills

In its latest review of the level of digital skills in small businesses and charities across the UK, Lloyds Bank places Wales below the UK average for some of the key measures.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. A significant proportion of small businesses here in the principality are on the cusp of achieving Basic Digital Skills, 13% to be precise. So the future is looking hopeful as businesses start to embrace the digital revolution.

While 47% of small businesses have the Basic Digital Skills needed to achieve improvements in productivity and cost savings, that figure does leave Wales falling slightly below the UK average of 49%. The main area where skills seem to be lacking is in tackling cyber security threats. Only 26% of Welsh small businesses feel that they have the skills to be able to prevent online fraud and scams, and 38% feel that concerns about security is a barrier to developing their online business. Cyber security is a big and ever-changing topic for small business owners to get to grips with.

The index seems to show that while businesses know that there are cost savings and productivity improvements to be had, they either are scared of the cyber threat, or don’t feel that the digital world is relevant for their particular business, or perhaps those savings are out of the reach for the small business.

The key message from Lloyds Bank in presenting the index is that there is help available for small businesses to understand the opportunities that are within reach, and to take advantage of them successfully.

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