Report 1 from Kevin Herbert
This is my third consecutive Microsoft World Partner Conference and this year it is held in Toronto, Canada. Microsoft are reporting that it is the busiest conference for years and has actually sold out!

For Net Support UK, there are many benefits to attending. As a Gold Partner and one of the first in the UK to pilot the Cloud Service Partner programme we’ve gained a reputation for being early adopters of Microsoft solutions and that’s not just because we want to ‘play’ with the latest technology – there are real benefits for our customers too. By attending WPC we get early warning of what Microsoft is planning to do so this enables us to help our customers plan and make better IT decisions as well. We have also built up some great contacts within Microsoft which enables our customers to exploit this too.

This year’s conference is focusing on the key products of Enterprise Mobility Suite, CRM and SQL and all the business intelligence stuff. What this tells me is that Microsoft are moving on from just telling ‘the cloud story’ as they believe that’s already been done and is inevitable for business. Now it’s about using the applications available to make the most of the Cloud. Butas cloud is now seen as available for the mainstream, security, resilience, backup are all now critical areas that partners like us must raise with customers – often these are areas that customers feel they need the greatest support.

There seems to also be a push for Hybrid Cloud – where there is a mix of on-premise and cloud solutions. This is certainly a Microsoft USP and at Net Support UK, we have several customers benefiting from the Hybrid Cloud model.

Today I am looking to do a deeper dive into how these technologies including new tech like Powerapp, Azure Flow and Cortana intelligence can help businesses transform ready for a digital future.

No, honestly, I am really doing that.

WPC Day 1