Microsoft has announced some new updates to Yammer, the enterprise social network.

Watch Microsoft Mechanics taking an in-depth look at the new updates to Yammer, from enhanced security & compliance to greater team productivity.

Angus Florance from the Yammer team demonstrates new integrated experiences, including Office 365 Video and Delve.

And for admins, you’ll get to see new controls for analytics, merging networks, and managing users.

More Controls For Admins & Better User Experiences

Here are some of the highlights from the video:

  1. Yammer now meets the same security and compliance standards as the rest of the Office 365 suite.
  2. Want to see how Yammer is being used across your business? In the Office 365 reporting dashboard you can now see analytics on how many people are posting, liking and sharing on your network. This can even be seen at a per user level.
  3. If your Company has added a new external Yammer networks through either opening a new office, or an acquisition/merger, you can now easily migrate their networks into your Yammer with the new Network Migration tool.
  4. You can now use Yammer in parallel with Skype. So you can broadcast a meeting and have a Yammer group comment on the side.
  5. When you open documents and files shared in Yammer, they now open in Office Online, directly in the feed. You can edit, collaborate and share right in the Yammer feed as you would in Office 365.