Cyber attacks are targeting you

With major companies and governments using more sophisticated and powerful security, SMBs are finding themselves in the bull’s-eye of cyber criminals

Customers use genuine software to protect their business. In doing so, they also save money. Why? Because genuine software delivers business continuity. It keeps your network up and running and your apps functioning. The money some companies think they save up front with non-genuine software, they lose down the line due to malware and other cybercrimes.

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Create genuine value

Genuine software creates genuine value.

Accessing data on mobile devices is essential for modern businesses. With genuine software, you gain secure mobile access so you can work on the device of your choice, anytime and anywhere, without worrying about cyber attacks.

Faster performance with genuine software gives your company a leg up. With genuine software you save valuable time needed to complete business tasks and don’t need to worry about unwanted licensing interruptions.

Reliability you can count on reduces downtime caused by system failures and security breaches. Only genuine software is supported by Microsoft and provides access to all updates and optional downloads.

Eliminates risk

When you choose Windows, you have built-in, always-on protection. Office 365 helps protect your communications against spam, malware, and viruses. Both solutions come with automatic updates to maintain your security.

And only with genuine software do you have access to technical phone support that can answer your questions and help you solve issues, keeping your business up and running.

Backups are the best tool for making sure you can restore recent copies of files that are accidentally deleted or lost. With OneDrive for Business, your employees never lose their latest files because they are safely stored in the cloud, where they can be securely accessed from a replacement PC or device. OneDrive also helps you save work on your mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are all too often lost or stolen, which can cause a major disruption as work files and applications are lost, losing hours – or even days – worth of work.

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Maintains standards

Industry standards for compliance are constantly changing. With genuine software, you know that you maintain compliance with standards and data privacy rules.

You’re also confident that your company is fully in compliance with Microsoft Software License Terms and is seen as a trustworthy, reputable business partner by your employees, partners, and customers.

And with built-in antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-spam, you simplify maintaining overall compliance.

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