Connecting to the Cloud

Let’s be frank, your well-designed cloud service portfolio isn’t going to be much use if you haven’t got the right connection or connections to it!

Considering how you connect and where you might need to connect will be part of the conversation with us at Net Support UK. Why? Well, having our own network really means we understand.

So whether you want to increase Internet transit to ensure your head office users connect at lightning speed or ensure satellite offices can connect back to your central hub securely, our networking specialists help connect the dots.

More for your Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure – a platform for building scalable, highly reliable, multi-tiered web service applications. Windows Azure delivers public cloud IT infrastructure and access to your favorite Microsoft software.

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Office 365

Taking your desktop to the cloud will allow you to access it from anywhere in the world – in the office for the traditional folks, from home for the flexible folks, and on the move for the travelling folks!

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Microsoft Applications

Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud or refine your cloud, there is a range of Microsoft Applications you can adopt that will really benefit your business’ growth and development in the future.

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